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WOM Plumbing Limited check, repair and maintain hot water cylinders throughout Auckland City.

Hot Water Heating System

What guarantees do we offer?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We undertake to do your job in a professional manner using high quality materials and yes it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect of our work we will rectify it as a matter of urgency and at no cost to you.

Component Guarantee

All cylinders and components come with standard manufacturers warranties. Our recommended cylinders are built to last and come with a 7 – 10 year guarantee against failure.*

Our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years.

Fixed Price Quotes

When we provide a fixed price quote we guarantee to never exceed this price. This provides you with budget certainty. However if some reason the job changes from the original specification we undertake to keep you fully informed and re-quote if necessary. Our technicians will always seek your approval before continuing with any changes.

WOM Plumbing Price Guarantee

We work hard to deliver the best prices in Auckland City with the top quality work that we deliver. Send us a current quote for the same cylinder installed as ours and we will try very hard to better it.

Our Service Guarantee

  • We will arrive On Time
  • Our vans are Fully Stocked
  • We’ll provide Free Quotes
  • We will give you Free Advice
  • We will Respect your Property & Privacy
  • We Guarantee our work
  • We have a Transparent pricing policy

*Thermostats and elements are covered separately by standard manufacturer’s warranties of 12 months.

Sometimes it may just be a thermostat or element that needs replacing rather than replacing the entire hot water cylinder. We will check this for you and quote for the job of replacing your hot water cylinder elements, thermostats or the entire cylinder.
Hot Water Cylinder Heated Home

Saving Money On Electricity

Many residential houses and light commercial premises have the thermostat in their hot water cylinder turned up to far. By simply turning this down you can save a lot of money on your power bill and also it is much safer particularly for younger children.

Safety: No more hot water scolding from your hot water cylinder when someone turns on that cold tap!

More Information

WOM Plumbers was established to provide a unique hot water service. We are Auckland’s hot water specialists. We make purchasing and replacing a hot water cylinder simple in Auckland. We can help you with new hot water cylinder installations, replacing an old hot water cylinder, upgrading from low to mains pressure, general hot water problems and energy saving systems such as hot water heat pumps.

What training or qualifications do your staff have?

All our plumbers are NZ registered and qualified, ensuring you of installations that are compliant with NZ standards.

What kind of cylinders do you use?

Whilst we service, install or replace any type of hot water cylinder, we recommend the New Zealand made HJ Cooper cylinder range with stainless steel lining.

The HJ Cooper cylinders are lined with the highest quality duplex stainless steel and guaranteed for a market leading 20 years. This ensures a long life, durability, light weight and increased corrosion resistance. HJ Cooper cylinders are available in a range of sizes to suit any home or business, and offer low and high pressure options.

Can your cylinders work with hot water heat pumps and solar panels?

Our standard hot water cylinders are “solar ready” which means they are ready to be used with an energy saving device such as a hot water heat pump or connected to a solar system.

If in the future you choose to upgrade to either of these energy saving systems then you will have the right cylinder for the job, with no expensive modifications or add-ons. A very nice piece of future proofing, and one of the main reasons we recommend HJ Cooper cylinders!

How do I choose a good hot water cylinder?

Dramatic improvements in technology over recent years mean that hot water cylinders are much more efficient and reliable than those of days gone by.

There is also a much wider range of models and sizes available. It is important that you select the cylinder that is going to meet your needs, both in the short and long term, so that you’ll always have plenty of hot water. Talk to WOM Plumbers about your needs. Think about how many people the system will have to service; a household’s usage of hot water system varies widely, depending on the age of family members, and the appliances used in the home. Consider also what energy source you wish to rely on. While most people opt for the mains pressure hot water cylinder option, we are also able to supply hot water cylinders that are suitable for low-pressure uses.

Can a new hot water cylinder save me money?

Did you know that in the average NZ home 1/3 of your electric power bill is consumed in hot water heating?
Replacing an inefficient older hot water cylinder with a modern one will more than likely reduce your power bill considerably. So will switching from a big cylinder to a smaller one – which can make sense if you had a big family but now the kids have left home.

What’s the cheapest way to heat my hot water?

Installing an heat pump will save up to 60% of your hot water heating costs or more.
In a typical household with an average monthly power bill of $300 you can expect to save $60 a month, which means you can expect very fast payback on your investment. An ideal time to upgrade to a heat pump is simultaneously with the upgrade of your hot water cylinder.

What are the signs a hot water cylinder needs replacing?

Don’t land yourself in hot water. Cylinder problems and failure to identify them early can lead to considerable damage as a result of the slowly leaking water cylinder or sudden failure of a hot water cylinder and flooding. Sometimes problems with a hot water cylinder go unnoticed for a considerable time. It’s important to check your hot water cylinder on a regular basis.

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